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A List of 5 Excellent Sources to Get a Decent Essay Sample

If you’re asked to write an essay type that you’ve never dealt before, it’s advisable to learn about it before you begin writing. A good way to do this is to read and analyze a few well-written sample papers of the same type. Fortunately, there are many places to go if you need to get an example.

Where to Seek Good Essay Templates

Your teacher.

A teacher isn’t only the person who asks you to complete an assignment but also the one who can help you with it. It’s likely that your teacher has several sample papers in their possession that can be useful for you. Approach them after a lesson making a request for examples and you should get what you need.

Your school library.

If you cannot get the needed templates from your teacher for some reason, you may visit this source. Your school library should store academic papers composed by other students over the years. Seek the section of the library where papers of the needed type are contained and take copies of several well-written works.


Older students can provide you with copies of their essays written when they were of your age. If you’re in a friendly relationship with an older student, they’ll help you for free. You may also ask whether your classmates have any examples. Sometimes, papers received from other students might be of low quality.

Academic centers.

Look for a center in your local area where students and other people can take courses to become better academic writers. In such a place, they should also have top-quality templates for almost any type of papers. Getting samples from an academic center is likely to cost you money, however.

The Internet.

The web is a great place to look for anything that you can think of. You may just type something like “informative essay example” into a search engine and you’ll get plenty of results to examine. To find only well-written samples, however, it’s advisable to look for them on special websites that contain educational articles about academic writing.

How Not to Use Examples

Remember that templates are needed only for examination. It’s not advisable to write a paper on the same topic that your sample is written on. Moreover, it’s absolutely forbidden to copy the contents of examples (even partially) and paste them in your own paper. This way, you’re likely to be accused of plagiarism and will be required to compose another paper that will be totally unique.

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