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Host Organisations

24th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension
34th Annual Scientific Meeting of the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia
9th Congress of the Asian-Pacific Society of Hypertension


Organising Committee

Garry Jennings

Garry JenningsBaker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute,
OC Chair & Program Chair

Professor Garry Jennings is Director of Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. He is Past President of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes, the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia and Head, WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Cardiovascular Health.

A cardiologist, he was previously Director of Cardiology at The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne and Chair of the Division of Medicine.

His research interests have included exercise in cardiovascular disease and metabolism, the sympathetic pathophysiology of hypertension and heart failure, cardiac structure and function.  He has published books on heart disease for the general public and over 400 research publications. 

Boards include Baker IDI start up companies such as Nucleus Network, Kardia as well as National Heart Foundation, Research Australia, Osprey Medical Inc. 


Stephen Harrap

Stephen HarrapUniversity of Melbourne,
President, ISH

Stephen Harrap is Professor of Physiology at the University of Melbourne and a physician at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He has long-standing research interests in the genetics of blood pressure, acute coronary syndrome, cardiac hypertrophy, height and male pattern baldness. His projects encompass population genetics and large family studies, as well as the derivation of novel animal models of cardiovascular disease. He has an ongoing commitment to understanding the biological and clinical implications of genetic variation. He has also had major involvement in multinational clinical trials of secondary stroke prevention and cardiovascular protection in diabetes. He is on a range of professional committees, editorial boards and advisory groups and was the President of the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia between 2005 and 2010. Currently he is the President of the International Society of Hypertension. In this role he laces special emphasis on encouraging younger members of the ISH and ensuring that the Society is truly representative of its global constituents. 

Jaye Chin-Dusting

Jaye Chin-DustingBaker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute,
HBPRCA, President

Professor Jaye Chin-Dusting is Head of the Vascular Pharmacology Lab, Basic Science Leader of the Cardiology & Therapeutics Research Division (7 labs) and Executive-in-charge of Science Strategy and Core Facilities at the Baker IDI.  An Adjunct Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Monash University, Jaye is the newly-elected President of the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia (Dec 2010 - ).  Her work is in the area of endothelial pathologies where the effort is in identification of novel targets and biomarkers and restoration of functionality.  As such, she works on the luminal and abluminal influences of the endothelium on vessel reactivity and inflammation.  Jaye sits on several international editorial boards and peer review panels.  A strong supporter of cultivating excellence in young scientists, Jaye has trained many scholars (basic and clinical) to higher degree completion.

Bronwyn Kingwell

Bronwyn KingwellBaker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute,

Professor Bronwyn Kingwell is an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, and at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne is both Executive Director, Science Policy and co-Head of the Metabolism and Obesity Division (6 laboratories).  She is an integrative physiologist and has Professorial appointments in the Department of Medicine and Department of Physiology at Monash University and is a Principal Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne.  Her multi-disciplinary Metabolic and Vascular Physiology Laboratory works on discovery and translation of novel molecular mechanisms to clinical application with a focus in the following areas:

  • Vascular function including mechanical and endothelium properties and their relationship to cardiovascular risk
  • Identification of novel predictors of unstable coronary heart disease
  • The role of HDL cholesterol in modulation of glucose and fat metabolism
  • Exercise mimetics

Professor Kingwell has published 125 peer-reviewed manuscripts including many in top ranked general science (eg PNAS), medical (eg JAMA, Annals of Int Med), cardiovascular (eg Circulation, Circulation Research, J Am Coll Cardiol) and diabetes (Diabetes, Diabetologia) journals. 

Geoffrey Head

Geoffrey HeadBaker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute,

Professor Geoffrey Head is a Principal Research Fellow of the NH&MRC, the Head of the Neuropharmacology Laboratory at the BakerIDI Heart and Diabetes Institute and adjunct Professor at Monash University. He received his B.Sc.(Hons) in Pharmacology from University of Melbourne, Australia in 1976 and Ph.D. from Monash University in 1981. Geoff’s research interests include, the understanding of mechanisms involved in the control of the heart and circulation by the central nervous system and its role in hypertension, heart failure and obesity. He has published over 170 scientific during his scientific career and holds a patent for a novel therapy for heart failure. He is an editor for the British Journal of Pharmacology and editor in chief of “Frontiers in Integrative Physiology”. He is also the Secretary of the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia. 

Louise Burrell

Louise BurrellUniversity of Melbourne,

Louise Burrell is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne, and works as a clinician–scientist at Austin Health, in Melbourne, Australia.  She leads the Cardiovascular Research Group and heads a General Medical Unit.  She is an elected member of the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia, Treasurer of the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) and on the Organising Committee for the 2012 Scientific Meeting of the ISH in Sydney. She is a member of the Research Committee of the National Heart Foundation (NHF) of Australia, chairs the NHF Scholarship Committee, and has served on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Hypertension and Clinical Science. Her research interests include the vasopressin and renin angiotensin systems and their role in hypertension, heart failure and diabetes in experimental models and in man, and her group is supported by grants from the National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia and the NHF.

Kate Denton

Kate DentonMonash University,
Program Convenor

Associate Professor Kate Denton is a Senior Research Fellow (NHMRC) at Monash University. An integrative physiologist her research focuses on cardiovascular and renal physiology, with a particular emphasis on the regulation of arterial pressure. Current projects examine sex-differences in the role of the renin-angiotensin in arterial pressure regulation and the impact of a chronic hypertension during pregnancy on offspring.

A/Prof Denton has been the program secretary for the Australian High Blood Pressure Research Council (2008-2010), on the editorial board of the Journal of Hypertension, guest editor for the American Journal of Physiology and on numerous selection committees for nationally competitive funding.

Annemarie Hennessy

University of Western Sydney
Committee Member

Professor Annemarie Hennessy is the Dean and Foundation Chair of Medicine at the University of Western Sydney. She is Chair of the NSW University Physician Training Council and Director of the PEARLS Research Group. Annemarie is a Renal Physician with a research interest in Hypertension and Hypertension in pregnancy.


Michael Stowasser

Greenslopes and Princess Alexandra Hospitals,
University of Queensland
Breakfast Symposium Coordinator

Michael is Director of the Hypertension Units, and Co-Director of the Endocrine Hypertension Research Centre (EHRC), at Greenslopes and Princess Alexandra Hospitals, University of Queensland School of Medicine, Brisbane, Australia.

Michael has over 20 years of clinical research experience in pathogenesis and management of hypertension and especially of endocrine varieties including primary aldosteronism (PA). Major areas of ongoing research include elucidating genetic bases for PA, determining the extent to which aldosterone excess in humans is capable of causing cardiovascular and other organ dysfunction independently of its effects on blood pressure, validating a new highly accurate method of measuring aldosterone using tandem mass spectrometry and improving methods of detection, diagnostic workup and management of PA.

Michael has served as Executive Committee Member of the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia (1998-2004; Secretary 2001-2004), member of the National Heart Foundation High Blood Pressure and Vascular Disease Advisory Committee (1998-) and organizing committee member (including convenor) on several successful medical conferences. He is currently a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism and Associate Editor for the Journal of Human Hypertension.

Jennifer Seabrook

Meetings First (Secretariat HBPRCA),
Marketing / Publications / Finance

Jennifer Seabrook has worked with the HBPRCA since 1996 and brings an extra level of understanding and organisation to arrangements for ISH 2012.